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October 20, 2013

navigator“Energy Sector trends, challenges and innovation – an opportunity for cross industries synergy” BOLOGNA 13th and 14th March 2014

This is the first of a series of events Assoinge will organize to promote discussion and pragmatic approach towards new ideas from research world translated into industry practice. The event is co-organized with ENEA (Italian National Agency for new technologies, Energy and sustainable economic development) and under the auspices of Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, City of Bologna and CNI. It will take place at ENEA premises in Bologna (Italy). The format of two days study session with a very selected range of participants aims to favorite partnerships. Participants can request free space for poster session upon request to segreteria or can book exhibition stands (book it below)

4 sessions with high profile speakers from the industry and research sectors:
- Smart Grids, Power sources, Renewables and Electrical integration
- Overview on Water treatment and Sustainability
- Oil & Gas, Trends and Environmental Protection
- Key enabling Technologies (KETs) from an European prospective and new frontiers

Download the Detailed Agenda: Bologna2014-Brochure-detailed-Agenda

As speakers we will have managers and leads from Oil&Gas, Electrical and Nuclear Sectors, Steel industry, Chemical industry, speakers with EU international bodies experience, European Commission, major Italian Universities and research centers, Roberto Vacca, etc.
Venue is ENEA Research Centre Via Martiri di Monte Sole, 4 – 40129 Bologna-IT; more info will be sent by email. Fee includes lunch and social event. Availability is limited. Special fee for PhD students and Postdocs.





R.Vacca (Honour Guest) Planning , rationalization of ICT networks & their use , time-sharing & raising cultural levels to promote wise use of resources

S.Cobror (Head of Public Affair) (Beta Renewables/Biochemtex) Advanced biorefinery with PROESA® Technology

V. Rosato (ENEA) Power technologies and energy systems vulnerability

A. De Lillo (ENEA): Overview on renewables and sustainability

M. Vittori Antisari / M. Casagni (ENEA) Examples of new frontiers and Key Enabling Technologies (KET`s)

G.Merola (manager chemical company) Sustainability & water treatment

R.Ceccato (Trento University) Materials research activities for the energy challenges of the future

L.Accattatis (manager energy company) Oil & Gas overview of current trends worldwide – case studies , challenges and opportunities for improvements

T.Zucca (manager engineering company): ” Plant- DAFNE Patent, The invisible method to get pure natural gas at the wellhead “

L.Falso (manager energy company) What next in Oil & Gas

A.Soldati/F. Zonta (Udine University) Transport phenomena in industrial and environmental turbulent flows

M.Fulgosi (manager steel industry) Automation and water treatment systems in steel industry

A.Ciriello (Chief engineer, Energy Technologies Company) ‘ Future Needs for Higher Share of Renewable Energies’

L.Nibbi (Florence University) CREAR Research Centre and RE-CORD Consortium activities

F. Ferrante, (Cassino and Southern Lazio University) – The Italian start-up’s reality

A.Notargiacomo (CNR) Trends and applications in Nanogeneration


EU Programs, Networks & Key Enabling technologies strategy (Dr. G.G. Daquino and Dr. G. Murgia)

How to build partnerships and access to EU funds for innovation projects and KETs

Latest innovations by Italian & International research centers

Open Panel Discussion with questions from the audience

Posters, Stands & meeting time

Social event